Instant Solution For Removing Crayon Marks On Your Dirty Wall

What really makes your kids love to draw on the white clean walls rather than on the piece of bond paper or on the coloring books? Well, this would be a total destruction of your house seeing those drawings on your dirty walls. The pictures might seem nice at first but later on, you would decide for yourself to remove those as soon as possible because it can cause a disaster in your home.

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There are a couple of simple methods that you can rely upon when removing the drawings but make sure that your wall does not get hurt. You should also be specific of the surface that you are trying to clean because you will be facing different varieties of walls. It’s either they are made from colored paint wall or paper wall so those are the examples that are very difficult to deal with because there are methods that are too risky to use for these walls.

Especially there are other drawing implements like marker and pastels that are much harder to remove unlike crayons that are made basically from colored wax which is less worrisome and easy for you to clean.

So since most homes are using regular, white-painted walls, it would be the easiest thing you can wash. Here are some of the home remedies or old-school methods you need to apply for your dirty walls.

Never lose your confidence when your walls are decorated with larger drawings of your kids. Just drag a damp rag then dip it in the baking soda and slightly scrub on the crayon marks.

As an easy way to finish the task, use this lubricant and spray it onto the crayon marks then wipe it using a clean rag. WD-40 is very safe to use in colored paint wall and wallpaper. This lubricant has many uses not just for stopping squeaks but there are more beyond that. This is also good for removing marker and crayons from furniture and appliances.

The crayons are made up of colored wax so the blow dryer is also an effective solution for removing the marks. Just simply heat up to liquify them so that it will be easy for you to wipe it. This is also safe to use in any kind of walls.

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You should use the non-gel kind of toothpaste and also don’t forget to grab a rag or scrub brush. Squeeze the toothpaste on the wall and began scrubbing. Then afterward, rinse the wall with water.

You should choose the squishy gray type of eraser also this method is safe to use in any kind of wall, however, has a little difficulty similarly with the blow dryer.

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Simply rub the mayonnaise on the marks and let it soak for several minutes then grab a damp cloth and wipe the surface.

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