Remove Gum Out Of The Hair Using These Simple Methods

That feeling when your hair got stuck in the gum would be the most horrible experience ever in your life. You can’t simply remove it using the water and soap and you even think that the best solution for that is to cut your hair. At some point in life, there will be instances that you will get embarrassed because of the gum that can’t get out of your hair.

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Gum was made from Chicle, a sticky substance mixed with flavorings. It is a latex sap that you can get from Sapodilla Tree. Therefore, a chicle substance is also like a rubber that cannot easily dissolve when you chew it but is a bit softer when it get in your warm mouth than the rubber band does.

Fortunately, there are lots of household ingredients that are a great help and do a great job to get you out from trouble. No need to spend your money to buy commercial products that you think is the best solution to remove out gums of your hair. There are far better household ingredients that work greatly than commercial products.

When removing the hair, might be a bit difficult job for you because the sticky substance in that gum sticks in every strand of the affected hair and will continue to fasten the strands of your hair. Pulling and tugging can be also painful but if you’re doing the right steps, this will be easy for you to get it.

So here are list of effective tips to remove gum out of your hair:


When gum gets softer in warm temperature it also gets stiff and hard when it is in the cold temperature so all you have to do is to freeze it. After it gets harder it becomes crispy so you were able to pick it up the tiny parts of the gums and remove it. Also, this method is the best solution for the left over tiny parts of the gum.


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Foods such as peanut butter, mayonnaise, and plain old vegetable oil also work greatly for removing gum out of your hair. It is the greasy ingredients that work well to get out the stuck gum in your hair. For some people, this method is a quite gross for them. You have to wash your hair right after the gum was removed.


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Aside for being as the best household cleaner, vinegar is also a good solution for removing the gum. Vinegar acts as a solvent as it destroys the bond between the gum and your hair. Vinegar is not bad for your hair, for some reason, it also acts a beneficial treatment although the stinky substance could be a big turn off for you.


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Vaseline can provide lubrication to slip the gum on your tangled hair. After applying vaseline on your hair, you probably need to shampoo your head to remove the greasy gunk.

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